5 Tips to Deal with a Cash Shortage

CashinaMoment can help you get a payday loan, also called a cash loan or cash advance, and do it quickly. It is not as fast as a pawn shop, but one business day is not long to wait if you are approved.

A great thing about payday loans is they are regulated by each state and are fee-based. This means you know exactly what the cost of the loan is before you get it. Most states allow fees of 15-25% of every hundred dollars you borrow. A $300 loan can cost as little as $45. The other good thing is poor or bad credit is not a big deal as it would be with a traditional loan. Direct payday lenders lend more to people with credit problems than those without them.

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Some Wise Money Saving Tips This Halloween

Save some money on your Halloween candy. Most people buy too much (and end up eating it, LOL), so the first thing is to do your best estimate of what you really need. If you are new to an area, ask your neighbors how many kids usually visit and how much they buy. You can also buy in bulk which will save you money. You can bake some of your own treats (but many parents will be hesitant to have their kids get them if they do not know you well). Remember the dollar store? They often sell candy for $1, so you can definitely save there. Buy a variety and save.

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A Quick Guide to Cash Advance Loans

Cash advance loans can be auto title loans, payday loans, or even credit card advances. Most people with emergency expenses or temporary cash shortages will opt for a payday loan. As noted below, auto title loans are not legal in most states, and anyone considering a cash advance loan has probably already exhausted all limits on their credit card(s). 

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