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About CashinaMoment

About CashinaMoment

CashinaMoment is a national leader in online payday loan solutions. We offer everything from Online Payday Loans to Bad Credit Payday Loans.

Our parent company has been in the direct lending referral business for many years. CashinaMoment has been providing Americans from coast to coast with emergency payday loans for 15 years.

You can complete and submit your loan request, and we will process it immediately for consideration by our 100 direct lenders. Usually, you can expect an answer inless than 60 seconds.

CashinaMoment – A Trusted Source for Emergency Payday Loans

Emergency payday loans are loans with short terms (about 30 days in most states). They are extremely helpful in critical cash shortage situations.

CashinaMoment is an online payday loan referral service with a large network of quality direct lenders who provide financial assistance to people in their time of urgent need. We offer payday loans online ranging from $50 to $1,000. For loan needs exceeding $1,000, we offer installment loans with a longer payback time, often 1 year, at lower interest rates.

Why Choose CashinaMoment over Other Online Lenders

CashinaMoment makes it simple for consumers to borrow money. We help thousands of people get the money they need for their urgent cash needs. We handle requests using the latest encryption technologies to protect you. Our service is safe, quick, and easy. All you need to do is complete and submit your requestwithin 3-5 minutes on your smartphone and get a quick online decision.

Note that you don’t have to pay any fees for our services. Also,as these are fee-based online payday loans, you will know exactly what you need to repay.

CashinaMoment Cares

We want to assist those in the community that others ignore. Traditional lenders do not want to help those with credit problems or who have everyday jobs. They only seek those who have lots of income, valuable assets to secure, and high credit scores. Instead, we help the under served people of America.

The CashinaMoment Way

Concise Processes

Concise Processes

We do not have hidden fees, upfront charges, or mysterious fees of any kind. When you choose to apply for a loan with us, you are choosing complete transparency. Our direct lenders will review your interest rates, repayment dates,and amounts and answer any questions you may have.

High Standards

High Standards

Our direct lenders are licensed in states that allow payday loans and follow the laws that each state has imposed. You can check your state’s website for more information about your state regulated-laws.

Greater Security

Greater Security

CashinaMoment uses proprietary algorithms and the latest encryption security tools for your sensitive information. We purge your personal information regularly, so it is as secure as possible at all times.

A Simple and Convenient Process to Get Cash

We know that getting cash fast can be exceedingly difficult. Traditional loans do not work effectively; they are slow to obtain and difficult to qualify. At CashinaMoment, we provide a simple and convenient process to get cash when you need it.

We are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.


When you request a payday loan, lenders check your ability to repay the loan. You get flexible lending criteria, and there are no hard credit checks.Payday lenders know that your ability to repay is best checked by reviewing your very recent income history and your next months’ projected income.

To get any payday or installment loan, you need to fill out our online loan request form. We will connect you to lenders who will review your information and, if accepted, one of the lenders will contact you to review the terms of your loan offer. Your funds will be transferred to your bank account within the next business day.

Remember, you will have to agree with your lender’s terms and conditions before they fund your loan and deposit your cash in your bank account.

There is no guarantee of being approved when you request a payday loan. However, you can increase the chances of your payday loan being approved by having a regular income source,which will ensure that you can repay the loan. In general, if all your income sources exceed $1,000 a month, you will qualify for an online payday loan.

There are no guaranteed payday loans. However, we are pleased to note that 80% of those requesting a loan from CashinaMoment are approved.

You should always make sure you have tried all other, less expensive possibilities for generating the cash you need.Online payday loans are for critical situations where you have no other options.

Always repay your loan on time. If you miss a repayment on the due date, it will result in additional charges. If you ever think you will be late with a payment, contact your lender immediately as they may be able to restructure your loan to meet any changes in your income.

Make sure you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of your loan. You have no obligation to accept a loan offer if you feel uncomfortable with the terms and conditions of the loan.

Quick Payday Loans with Bad Credit or No Credit Check

Quick Payday Loans with Bad Credit or No Credit Check

Bad credit payday loans are the most common kind of payday loans.Most direct lenders use sophisticated databases for decision-making and reviewing loan requests. However, because we have more than 100 lenders, we cannot guarantee you will never have a hard credit check. When someone advertises “no credit check” lending, they might be misleading you becauseno one can guarantee a no credit check, even though it is a standard practice.

CashinaMoment provides alternatives for people who have difficulty getting approved for traditional loans and other forms of credit.

No matter what you need a loan for, we can help. Get started by completing our easy, short online form. We will do our best to get you the emergency payday loan you need today. CashinaMoment is here to help!