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What are safe online payday loans?

Safe online payday loans will protect your data, privacy, and protect you from endless spamming calls or emails. Online payday loans are a fast way to get $100 to $500 or more to cover urgent expenses before your next paycheck. Never overlook the importance of safety and security when you are online. Here is a look at how you can know when online payday loans are safe.

How to identify a safe payday loan process?

You will have to provide some of your financial details when you request your online payday loan, so security is vital. Here is how you can ensure your financial information is secure.

  • Look for ‘https’ in the website URL

    The easiest way to check for online security for any website, but especially when you request your online payday loan, is to look for ‘https’. Https (NOT http) in front of the URL ensures the safety of your data when it is shared. The added ‘s’ stands for secure or security and means the site is safe for users. You will see it on all reputable online retail websites as well as all trusted payday loan sites. Never, ever submit any personal information to a site that does not start with https!

  • Check for a ‘lock’ symbol in the address bar

    While https indicates that a site is secure, a lock icon in the address bar means the site is using encryption software to protect any data you provide, and it is encrypted for added protection. The lock symbol can be found to the left of the https of the URL.

    What does encrypted mean? It means information or data is converted into a cipher or code to prevent unauthorized access. Be sure to check for a lock in the address bar and only apply for personal loans on a website that has one.

  • Confirm the business is reputable

    Most reputable businesses are no longer listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so do not bother checking there. Instead, check your state website as all states that allow payday loans require the lenders to be licensed in that state. Besides, most states demand a very stringent process to be followed before licensing any lender. As a result, checking on your state’s website is the best way to determine whether the business is reputable.

  • Select a direct lender

    In most cases, safe online payday loans come from direct lenders. Direct lenders handle every aspect of the process with you. At Cashinamoment, we only work with licensed, direct lenders, and we can refer you to our reputable array of 100 direct lenders.

What else should you consider when looking for safe online payday loans?

You no longer need to drive around from one storefront to another or even go online to just one lender. When you submit your personal information to us, we only sell it to the direct lender that really wants to provide a loan to you. Besides, we never resell your information to others. Even one-off direct lenders resell your information to get added revenues. The following are a few factors that you must consider when looking for safe online payday loans:

  • The lender is licensed in your state.
  • The website will not resell your information to other companies.
  • The website uses ‘https’ and has a ‘lock’ to the left of the URL.

Is it safe to provide SSN and bank account details for online loan requests?

Most payday loan lenders require you to disclose your Social Security Number(SSN). This helps them to prevent fraud and confirm your identity.

When you are on the loan request page, recheck to be sure the ‘https’ and the lock symbol are present in the address bar.

Since almost all online payday loans are directly deposited into your checking account, you will need to provide information related to your bank account and routing numbers.

Never supply your account details or sensitive information unless you are sure that your data is encrypted. The ‘https’ and ‘lock’ icon tell you that your data will be secured throughout your loan process.

What makes us a safe and secure option for online payday loans?

Our direct lenders are licensed in states that allow payday lending (most states but not all). You will be dealing with a direct lender. You will see that our entire website is protected and encrypted, and we never resell your information like most other online lenders.

We provide service 24/7 and 365 days a year. What bank does that? Besides, banks take weeks to review and approve loan requests. When you need urgent cash, you do not have weeks to wait around with your fingers crossed, hoping for approval.

Get help now; it only takes a few minutes to request a loan and get an answer in seconds after submitting your information.