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Fast Loans for Everyone Even If You HaveBad Credit!

When emergency expenses pop up, we know you cannot wait to talk to a bank, fill out endless forms, and wait for an answer. That is why we are here. You can request loan funds in a few minutes and get your decision seconds later. If approved,get cashthe next business day.

Fast cash loans are loans that help you get cash quicker than any other loan process. These loans are perfect for sudden emergenciesthat you must handle now.

What Are Fast Cash Loans?

Fast cash loans are short-term loans, often for 30 days or less, that allow you to get $100 to $500 right away. They are usually paid back on your next pay date. There are exceptions, and some states allow for longer durations than 30 days but not most.

Why Would I Get a Fast Cash Loan?

Financial emergencies are the reason to request fast cash loans. When your car breaks down, and it must be repaired, or you have an unexpected medical bill, then these types of situations require fast action. It is likely you cannot get a traditional bank loan, a new credit card, or any other traditional method of accessing cash.

You may have even asked friends and family for help, sold off some unused items, etc., and exhausted any other alternative.

What Are the Interest and Fees for Applying for Fast Cash Loans Online?

Fast Cash Loans are fee-based loans. This means that there is a flat fee for each $100 you borrow. Every state regulates this fee amount, and most states limit fees to around $15-20 per $100 borrowed. These loans are not meant to be annual or long-term loans. Interest rates are remarkably high if these loans are extended, which is not recommended.

However, you will find that late utility payment fees, penalties, new deposits, etc. are much higher than the loan fees. The same may be true if you are looking at NSF fees for a few small checks at a rate of $35 per check.

What Are the Reasons to Use Fast Cash Loans?

You are the only person who can judge if a Fast Cash Loan and the fees associated with it are good for you. And if you can pay it back on your next paycheck. Some of the reasons why you may need a fast cash loan are:

  • You need cash right away and cannot wait for your next paycheck,
  • You have poor or bad credit and cannot qualify for traditional loans,
  • You do not have a savings account to use for an emergency,
  • You do not have anyone you can borrow money from,
  • You have tried everything else and have run out of options.

What Are the Requirements to Apply Online?

Requirements may vary from state to state, but here are some basic criteria:

  • You need to have a valid form of ID,
  • You need to have an active checking account,
  • You need a steady source of income, at least $1,000 a month,
  • You need an email address and working phone number,
  • You must be at least 18 years of age,

You can check your state website for more information about regulations where you live.

If needed, your lender may ask for additional information to protect your identity and ensure that you can make your loan payments when they are due.

How Quickly May I Get My Cash from a Fast Cash Loan?

Once your online cash loan request (you can apply through your mobile phone) is approved, you can receive funds within the next business day. Our direct lenders make it a priority to process your fast cash loan as soon as possible.

Some Important Facts about Fast Cash Loans

You should know some important facts about fast cash payday loans before you request one.

Most important, can you repay your loan from your next paycheck or on the repayment date you agree to? You should never take out any loan if you are not confident you can repay it. The additional fees and penalties can add up quickly, no matter the type of loan, and in most cases, it will impact your credit negatively.

  • If you are over 18,have a checking account, a steady income, and a valid ID,you can apply for this loan. If approved, your lender will transfer the amount that was approved into your checking account.However, there is no obligation to accept a loan offer.
  • The major benefit of this loan is that you can receive your cash quickly and use it for whatever expenses you decide to pay.
  • A fast payday loan can be a good solution for unexpected bills or medical emergencies,or other emergency situations.
  • Remember that fast payday loans are expensive. High fees and quick repayment time may put you in a tight spot, so only use fast cash loans for emergencies or unexpected situations.


Yes! Fast cash loans are short-term loans, and everyone who meets the basic requirements can apply for this loan.

In most cases, you can get a Fast Cash loan between $100 and $500. The amount of loan that a lender offers depends, in part, on your current income.The minimum monthly income is $1,000, but your chances of approval are better if your income is higher than this.

Yes, you can. Direct payday lenders do not perform traditional hard credit checks with the 3 credit bureaus.CashinaMoment’s direct lenders only perform “soft” inquiries that use alternative sources of information.

CashinaMoment lenders require that you have a verifiable, steady source of income to qualify for a loan. If you are unemployed, you may be eligible if you are collecting Social Security, unemployment, disability, child support, annuity, or any other form of income. If your total income is above the minimum required, you can get a loan.

Why drive around!? You are in the right place. Apply online, receive an instant decision (in 5 to 60 seconds), and receive the cash the very next business day.