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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!

What Are Car Repair Loans?

Car repair loans, also called auto repair loans, are meant to cover sudden expenses for a breakdown of one's car or for fixing damage caused by an accident.

CashinaMoment fast loans can help ease the sudden car, and vehicle repair costs so you can get back on the road fast. These loans will not affect your credit score.

If you cannot come up with cash for an emergency auto repair, you are not alone. Even newer cars cost an average of $1,200 a year to maintain and repair. Only 1/3 of American drivers have enough cash to cover unexpected car repair expenses.

What Can You Do If You Are Short of Cash for Your Car Repair?

Consider a loan for car repairs.

  • You Can Apply With a Quick, Safe, and Easy Car Repair Loan Request.

    Take 2-3 minutes online to complete the short loan request form and get a decision in less than 90 seconds. You don't have to fill any paperwork or drive to a bank or storefront to submit it. If you are approved, you get connected to your lender, and you can get your car repair loan cash in the bank the next business day. You will be back on the road soon.

  • You Can Ask for What You Need.

    If approved, you can borrow an amount that meets your needs. But keep in mind that many states regulate the maximum amount you can borrow and some states cap this amount at $500. Ask your lender what they can do for you. You may qualify for an installment loan for larger repairs that can be paid back over a longer-term.

Car Repair Loans - Small Auto Repair Loans

Almost every working person needs a safe and reliable vehicle to get to work, buy groceries, and meet their everyday needs. It is not only an inconvenience, but you can lose your job if you do not have transportation. Please do not panic. It is fast and easy to apply for emergency car repair loans.

How It Works

  1. Check your eligibility.Complete the secure online loan form in a couple of minutes and get an answer in seconds.
  2. If approved, review your loan offer. Make sure you agree with the terms and conditions of your loan and get all your questions answered from your direct lender.
  3. Get your money.Funds are deposited into your bank account the next business day.

Here Is an Example of How CashinaMoment Can Help With Your Auto Repairs.

Bob uses his car every day, and it is no longer under warranty. Insurance will only cover the cost of a collision, but he needs his car fixed right away and is short of cash to pay for it. He cannot wait until his next paycheck.

Bob completes a loan request at CashinaMoment for an auto repair loan to pay for his auto repairs.

He completes the application right from his smartphone, pad, or PC. If approved, he is immediately connected to his direct lender and asks questions about his loan terms. If he agrees, he can review and sign his contract.

Because Bob submitted his application on a weekday, he received fast funding the next day and had his car repaired quickly!

What Can I Use My Auto Repair Loan For?

An auto repair loan can be used for any auto repair needed. Maybe you had a tire blowout or a dead battery, or an electrical problem with your car.

Here are the 5 most common reasons someone will get an auto repair loan.

  • Tires

    Good tires are particularly important to the safe handling of your vehicle, including stopping properly. But new tires can cost you more than $200 each, especially if you drive a pickup or SUV.

  • Brakes

    Brakes can cost several hundred dollars or more to repair and are a vital part of safe vehicle operation

  • Emissions tests

    Smog tests are required in almost every state and usually cost less than $100, but if you do not have 100 bucks, you could be left with no car.

  • Accident damage

    Most states require auto insurance, but recent surveys show that many Americans have only the most basic insurance. Although this may help with larger damage repairs, in every case, there is a deductible amount that could be significant. So, either way, you must pay part of the bill to get your car back.

What Do We Offer at CashinaMoment

Depending on your loan request and the state where you reside, you may qualify for an auto repair loan. You can check your state website for specific rules related to cash advance loans. We offer services 24/7, on 365 days– we never close. And our service is free of cost at any time. In fact, no one should ever request or require any money "up front" for a loan, ever! If they do, they are scammers.

We use the latest encryption technology to protect your data and do not sell it to anyone. Only the direct lender who wishes to lend you money will see your information. You will never be compelled to accept a loan offer if you do not like its terms and conditions.

Where Can I Get Instant Car Repair Loans?

When you are short of cash and have urgent auto repairs, you may find yourself in a financial fix. You know you cannot ask your bank or credit union for the loan, and even if you are approved, it will take weeks to get the loan money; you cannot wait that long. Emergency auto repair loans from an online payday loan referral service like CashinaMoment will help you get your car on the road fast.

Why a Payday Loan Is a Great Option For Emergency Car Repairs?

The process is fast, safe, and secure, and a high percentage of applicants are approved.

Car Repair Loans for Bad Credit with No Hard Credit Check

You need good credit to get a bank loan or get a new credit card. But many people have poor or bad credit and will not qualify for traditional lending options. Car repair loans for bad credit are available and can be a lifesaver for many.

CashinaMoment provides alternatives for people who have difficulty getting approved for traditional bank loans or other forms of credit. So, you too may qualify for an auto repair loan for bad credit.

In need of emergency car repair loans? We can help! We operate 24/7 and 365 days, so if you need a Car Repair Loan, apply today!

Car repair loans in the form of payday or cash advance loans are not for everyone. But they have helped millions of Americans every year to get their cars back on the road and keep their jobs.