6 Ways to Get Money While You Are Unemployed

Even when you are unemployed, you still need money to pay bills, buy groceries, and meet your everyday expenses. Sometimes it is easy to panic and not see all the options available in a stressful situation. Here are a few things to do to avoid financial stress while you are unemployed.

File for Unemployment

As soon as you lose your current job, immediately file for unemployment. In most states, there is at least a one-week delay from the time you file your unemployment claim until you get the first check. The longer you wait, the longer you delay that first check. Due to the pandemic, most states now allow you to file an online claim from any device. So, get this done first!

How to Get Money While Unemployed

The following are the six ways to make money even when you are unemployed.

Enroll in Government Assistance Programs

There are many government and state assistance programs as well as a few community aid programs. You may be eligible for a number of programs, including the SNAP program (some people still call it food stamps) or similar programs. These can take care of your immediate needs, so you can use these to pay for rent, utilities, etc.

Seek Help from Charitable Organizations

Every city has charitable organizations, including churches, that have programs to assist you when you are in a tough situation. Check your own church first but, if not, other churches may assist you even if you are not a member of that church. There are also food banks and other local programs to help. Do not hesitate to contact your local city officials or Google for the kind of support you need.

Sell Items You No Longer Want or Need

You may have already done this if you are cash short. But, if not, go through what you own. Everything is sellable but start with the highest value items that you can put on a Craigslist or local directory, take a photo, and provide an attractive description without exaggerating.

Get a Part-time or “Gig” Job

There are many part-time, work when you want, jobs available now that would not conflict with your ongoing job search for what you really want to do or are trained to do. Grocery deliveries are just one example. Driving seniors to medical appointments are another. There are many options out there, and multiple positions are always available.

Borrow Money from Family and Friends to Cover Immediate Expenses

It is best to borrow money from friends or family if you can. They may not charge you any interest and will be more lenient with the repayment period. 

Consider Requesting a Payday Loan from CashinaMoment

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Why Should I Get a Payday Loan from CashinaMoment?

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