Cyber Monday Shopping: Get the Best Deals & Save Money

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, was always the biggest shopping day of the year. But with the explosion of internet shopping, it is rivaled, if not beaten, by Cyber Monday.
Almost every retailer (over 90%) now has Cyber Monday specials that often start on Black Friday. So let’s look at some ways to save when shopping on the internet.

A Bunch of Tips to Save You Money on Cyber Monday Shopping:

Create a list and check it twice

You should always set a budget, make a list of those you are shopping for, and make sure the two match up pretty closely.

Buy only what you need and not what you see

If you take the first step, then this one will logically follow. Only buy what is on your list or any alternative you have established. Use apps like and to make sure you get the best deals.

Don’t buy cheap

Cheap products look like they save you money but are often inferior quality and do not last. You can check for product reviews and more to make sure you are buying smart.

Check out reviews before you buy

Always check reviews before buying! You will avoid products as well as store problems if you do so. Remember, even if the product is good, sometimes the lack of return policies, etc., can make it a bad purchase.

Look for hidden costs

Shipping costs, sales tax, and other fees or costs can make a good deal into a bad one. Read the fine print!

Shop from product-specific sites

General retailers will have some good deals on specific products, but these will often be highlighted in their sales flyers. Otherwise, go to sites that are focused on a narrow product line. That is where you will find some of the best deals.

Look for discount sites

It seems obvious, but there are sites like Overstock and others that have some really good deals, so don’t overlook them.

Sign up for price alerts

If you have already identified some websites for items you seek, sign up for their price alerts. Most sites have this service and will let you know when a specific item is reduced in price or has a special going on.

Look for promo codes

You can search for ‘promo codes’ or ‘coupons’ with Google and find lots of them. Always try to add the name or type of the product to the search for the best results.

Check shipping costs

As mentioned before, the cost of shipping can be huge. So be sure you know what yours will be. Also, you can pick up free shipping coupons from

Take advantage of cashback deals

There are many cashback sites that also have great deals. Use your favorite one, as this can be a source of great savings.

Check for coupons

Yes, coupons still exist and still work. Check your mail or newspaper and clip the ones that fit your shopping list… and save.

Be the first person in the virtual line

Rather than getting up and going out in the cold at 3 a.m. on Black Friday (and fighting the long lines), try getting up early on Cyber Monday, stay in your jammies, and shop online. If you are one of the first online to a site, you may get some extra special deals as well as not have to worry about stock shortages that are prevalent this year.

Places to Check for Cyber Monday Specials and Coupons

There are an untold number of places to shop online, but here are some of the favorites: / / / / / / / / / / / / / …and many more.

Whether you are budget shopping or shopping online, you can get great deals by doing a little planning and searching. Have a great holiday season!

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